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This Is Why Mineral Makeup Makes A Difference!

In a world that is moving in the direction of natural health, and farther away from the processed, chemical substances and treatments that so many daily necessities (like makeup and food, to name only a few examples) contain, we are simply becoming more aware of the products we consume; and we should!

On the other hand, with this rise of interest in natural products, then comes the ambush of marketing materials giving us the same aggressive message we are already being fed by the other. That leaves consumers puzzled; what should we believe?

There is no doubt, this information is confusing, and with so much mixed messaging circulating through our everyday life, one can’t help but be confused.

Not to mention, when it comes to a woman’s appearance, we don’t want to take chances. We want to take care of our skin, while enhancing the features we pride ourselves on, bringing out the true natural beauty we all have. Does this have to be so complicated? It may seem so, but, it actually isn’t.

Mineral makeup is likely a term you have heard many times by now, as it is one of the many break-through natural beauty products on the market today, which promises maximum results at a minimal price. This statement certainly has truth to it, but you need to understand exactly what mineral makeup is, and which brands truly deliver on their claims. If you haven’t guessed, this is exactly what we are going to “uncover”, quite literally!

What, exactly, is in mineral makeup?

To put it simply – minerals! While that is much too vague of an answer to an (actually) much bigger question, mineral makeup is simply makeup that uses natural minerals in its formula, with the sole purpose of simply being better for your skin!

Minerals used in mineral makeup are natural substances derived from the earth’s crust, where they are then reduced to the finest powder, also known as micro-particles. Those micro-particles are then used in anything from eye shadow, foundation, blush, to nail polish.

Of course, when it comes to minerals, there are actually many different ones. Generally, the minerals most frequently used in mineral makeup include Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxide, Mica, Gold and Magnesium.

In the BellaPierre Mineral Foundation available here at MariaCosmetics.com, you will only find Mica, Iron Oxide, Titanium and Zinc Oxide. Bella Pierre have designed this specific formula to help you successfully achieve the true look you desire. Whether you want very light, basic coverage on your skin, a medium application, or full coverage, the formula of this Mineral Foundation will achieve it, as it comes with specialized makeup brushes to suit the effect you truly want from your makeup.

One common result with many companies promoting mineral makeup, is that they also add fillers and additives to enhance their products. While this is ultimately very common, it is also bad for your skin and truly defeats the point of using natural minerals in the first place. Bella Pierre keeps their products “clean” and simply only uses natural minerals.

What do these four main ingredients do for your skin? How do they make it look “better”?

These four unique ingredients combined with each other make the perfect combination for your skin, in the sense that you come out looking flawless, finished and radiant, all while protecting your skin from environmental factors, such as UVA and UVB rays.

Not only that, but with the BellaPierre Mineral Foundation, the most important quality remains; your pores will not suffer the consequences of being clogged from heavy, chemical-based foundations. After all, this is the whole point of mineral makeup; to keep your pores clear!

We all want to look beautiful, and that includes our skin, most importantly of all! A face full of impurities clearly does not achieve confidence in your appearance, and for that exact reason, this is why you want to use makeup that does not clog your pores… and that’s mineral makeup!

BellaPierre’s four main mineral ingredients work together to give your skin perfection, without the impurities. Mica is used to cover any existing imperfections, while the Iron Oxides give a natural-looking color that suits your skin tone. Additionally, the Titanium and Zinc Oxide give you protection from the sun, making literally the perfect combination for your daily skin coverage.

Why should I use mineral makeup?

I think the better question is, why wouldn’t you wear it?! Sure, if you didn’t like to wear makeup in the first place, why would you now? But, then again, would you be here reading this if you weren’t interested in makeup? Probably not!

I would hate to leave a question unanswered, so while it may seem obvious (by now) why you should use mineral makeup, there are certainly more reasons why it is truly an amazing comparison to your regular makeup.

One of the most important qualities to mineral makeup, as mentioned, is that they don’t clog pores. If you have acne-prone skin, and would like to give a smoother finish to your skin, you can go ahead and use BellaPierre mineral makeup. Actually, it is even said to improve the healing process of this skin condition, due to the anti-inflammatory properties in Zinc! This goes for sun spots and birthmarks, too.

Additionally, if you have mature skin and worry about using the right type of products, you’re also in luck. BellaPierre’s Mineral Foundation works great on mature skin as well, and actually reflects light to lessen the appearance of surface lines. Using a makeup primer, like BellaPierre’s HD Makeup Primer along with their Facial Moisturizer, will give you a truly flawless look. It really goes to show, aging certainly does not mean the end of beauty!

With so many great benefits, it’s really hard to argue with using mineral makeup in comparison to anything else; it just makes sense! When you can protect your delicate facial skin from sun, potentially heal any acne-prone issues, all while keeping your pores unclogged and not to mention, looking amazing, there is simply no reason not to use it!

After all, at the end of the day, don’t we all just want to look beautiful, without the expense of damaging our natural beauty?